I hope that you never leave me, im tired of fighting and i want to do anything to make it like it was, before i said any o those hurtfull things to you, before you ever felt like you didnt want to be with me, before you ever felt like i didnt love you. i do anything to have it back as it was before i pushes you so far away. i love you as much as i ever loved you from day one, it may be hard to believe because of the things i did to you. i want you to feel safe with me like you once did. i want you to look at me like you once did. i just want you to feel like you didnt regret me. i understand i have cause all this i know your hanging on a thread of hope. i WANT to fix everything i WANT you to believe me i WANT you to always know you made the right decision to marry me i WANT you to know that we will always be together  I know iv done so much to you i cant fathom how your still here by my side. Im at lost of words and at disbelieve that i would ever be mean to you especially to the person i love most to the world. i feel like im going crazy i want to be the guy you fell in love with i know i can because i was that guy before. i guess my insecurities  and jealousy has darkened my path and i lost my way but im going to do whatever you want me too and ima do whatever it takes to make everything right even it takes a lifetime and the next. I hate myself for everything iv done to you, you never deserved any of it. you do everything perfect and more, i cant put into words how much i appreciate what you do everyday. i still wake up every morning feeling so outstandingly tremendously happy how my life has turned out. i love you so much it FUCKING HURTS. I DONT KNOW HOW TO CONTROL MY EMOTIONS ANY MORE. i feel like i can not ever stop loving you more and more and more and more, it builds everyday tyhat i wake up to you. the things id do for you and beyond, i will stop at nothing to gain your trust and for you to feel safe with me once more. as long as i have HOPE i will never stop. i will improve everything , i will stop being mean to you i will make you happy and ill make you never feel depressed or alone. i want you to know that i do get it i do understand that i fucked up to much, but belive me i will change i may say it a million time before but i will dont have to believe me right away but just watch and see, im no longer going to get upset and if i do i wont change it to anger anymore i know i can fix this i know it. i just want you to know your my whole world. i dont want to lose you i dont want that feeling to ever cross me again. i love you more than life itself. You and Lena Will have the Husband And Dad yall deserve. you dont have to believe me but just have faith thats all i ask. Kelsea you will always hold my heart and have my soul to have, i just cant express how sorry iam and how much it burns inside of me for how i treat you. im so sorry. I just have hope that even if you have a little faith in me thats fine thats all i need. please just dont give up on me i will always need you and i will always love you. you will see the change in me eventually after today when we had that fight at tyler and i didnt comfort you but made things worse because i got mad, it will be the last time i get mad at you, since you been gone at lizzys iv been thinking and im so happy you make me feel better when my feelings are hurt and you deserve the same support no matter how long it takes i will make it all better i will not get frustrated or mad because you dont believe me, i will give you the support you need. i love you so much kelsea i will find the way back to your heart. I just HOPE you give me the chance.

What i say, i fucked up and im sorry. you dont deserve me treating you like shit when im drunk, i should have apoligized i didnt think it was a big deal to you because you wrote about howi might have borderline personality, youmade everything seem ok, but i shouldhave known better im so sorry.

my beautifull dream

Seems to me everything is falling into place for me, I can never comprehend the love that I have for you, we now have a kid on the way and I could not be even more happy. You have chanhed my Destiney as soon as you came into my life and im forever gratefull. You make me feel so special even when you dont try, your smile,laughter, Aand love bring prefection into my life. Everytime your upset about getting bigger because of pregnacy, It amuses me because you are so perfect in my eyes I cant see and defaults about you just perfection. We will be the perfect family baby I just cant wait, you will be the greatest mother I just know it . When ever you feel like things are going wrong , talk to me and I will make you feel better, I cannot stress enough to you that I will forever be yours, you forever have my heart, and all my love. You are what I dreamed for , your are what I desire Nd need. Im so lucky to have you in my life. I cant wait till our baby comes in too the world. Thanks baby for loving me back even though im difficult sometimes. I love you kelsea rose Sellers dont ever think otherwise dipshit ;)

First you say it was more then it was less and now you dont know how many. Im confused why you cant tell the truth, you promising on my life and saying you slurre a it or changed itand I didnt notoce is fucked up. The point is you lnow what you wetr promi sing om in the first place and apperently your mom and I and talmage dont mean anything and yes there has be en occasions you promise there life on about your sex life. Is it alwaysabout you thatyou can just lie and its ok but god forbid if I do it mean a I dont love you or care about you. Maybe you should realize you are the bihgest hypocritical person I know. Yoy say you always used condoms pn the people you fucked lies. You said you only fucked them when your fucked up lies, are you fucked up in the mornongs? How else did you knos guysdidnt nut as soon as they wake up? I love you but goddam tell the truth for once and you know what I wpuldnt be suprise if you gave cheated on me my git feeling is never wrong. Id just wish I kmew who you really are.

Seems like I Fuck up without trying, curse it seems. Look at my own reflection with disgust and regret of the actions I have implicated onto you. I have camr to the conclusion if I lose you, iv lost everything, because of my stupidity. I cannot say I didnt deserve it from all the times you have tried with me I have failed to change my ways. If I get another chance from you, I would be shocked and relieved to know I have one more chance to redeem myself and be who I used to be, who you fell in loved with. I will never forgive myself for ruining the most utterly perfect thing in my life. All I want is to be your husband and have a family with you. My life is pointless if your not in it. I was so lucky to have you and lucky that you put so much.effort to stick through what iv put you through. Maybr you are better withoUT me, I know im not better without you. Im so so so sorry for doing this to you. I will always hope you will come back to me. I love you with all my heart and I was so lucky that I meet you. And had a kid with. I will alwayd be here for you. You will forever hold my heart no matter what.

My heart beats for you so loud. My mind is constantly on you..i realized my thought process is always about you. I love that I think about you all the time. Im so lucky to have you.. I dont know what would happen to me if you left me… Id feel souless and lifeless and its a terrifying feeling… I want you for forever I wanna see you every morning , see your smile , I wanna hear your laugh, I wanna feel your touch, your love for the rest of my life. Im Al yours forever dont ever forget th at